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The KC1XX QSL Policy


Providing QSL cards for large multi-transmitter operations that enter many contests, year after year, is expensive and time-consuming. KC1XX tackles this challenge with two policies:

All contest QSOs are confirmed with automatically-generated, inexpensive QSL cards, via standard QSL bureaus. This system is described in an article by Jim Reisert, AD1C, its creator.

SASEs received by KC1XX are periodically replied to at QSLing parties, typically organized on non-contest weekends, when the weather prohibits antenna work. The QSL card used for SASEs has a collage of antenna photos on the front, and a summary description of the station and antennas on the back (along with the QSO information). These cards are rather expensive, because they are printed in small runs so that the descriptive information can be kept current.


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